Subcontract Steel Parts

Subcontract Steel Parts


We will create entirely new products, according to your plans and measurements, or we can combine products from our standard product selection to meet your needs.


Semko can produce subcontract steel parts suitable for welding workshops. Our solutions are built upon versatile solutions, which can be combined to produce the best solution for your needs.


To fulfill your order, we need drawings directly from the designer with the following: materials, measurements, standards/requirements and all information regarding surface finishing. Once all the information has been gathered, Semko can begin making preparations to deliver the final, custom order to your job site.


Standard Products


Our product and service selection provides a strong foundation for our customers to succeed in their construction projects.

For Designers


We supply CAD drawings in support with all of our metal products.

Certified Quality


Semko offers quality solutions offers a stepping stone to long-lasting solutions.



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