RR – Lifting Anchors

RR – Lifting Anchors


RR – elements are lifting anchors used for lifting and transferring of balcony slabs and thin concrete slabs. RR – Lifting anchors are available with flat steel or angle steel anchoring, in black (e.g. RR 2/L), galvanized (e.g. RR 2/L ZN) or stainless steel (e.g. RR 2/L AISI 304).


Ordering Codes


RR – normal lifting anchor types:
RR 2/L, RR 2, RR 4/L, RR 4, RRK 2, RRK 4


RR – galvanized lifting anchor types:
RRz 2/L, RRz 2, RRz 4/L, RRz 4, RRKz 2, RRKz 4


RR – stainless lifting anchor types:
RRr 2/L, RRr 2, RRr 4/L, RRr 4, RRKr 2, RRKr 4


RR – acid-proof lifting anchor types:
RRh 2/L, RRh 2, RRh 4/L, RRh 4, RRKh 2, RRKh 4

RR – Lifting anchors directions and descriptions of use

RR – Lifting anchor materials

Plates, normalS355J2+NSFS-EN 10025+SFS-EN 10164
Angles, normalS235J2+NSFS-EN 10025+SFS-EN 10164
Plates and angles, stainless1.4301SFS-EN 10088
Plates and angles, acid-proof1.4401SFS-EN 10088
NutsS235JR+ARSFS-EN 10025

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RR – Lifting anchor dimensional drawing


RR – Lifting anchors’ dimensions


Type and sizeHABacAngle steel
RR 2/L5580801030
RR 211080801030
RR 4/L701001001540
RR 41081001001540
RRK 214010060103060 x 60 x 6
RRK 414015080154080 x 80 x 8

The dimensions of galvanized, stainless, and acid-proof RR lifting anchors are the same as normal RR lifting anchors. Measurements (H-c) are in millimetres.

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