Jasu – Lifting Bucket

Jasu – Lifting Bucket


Jasu – Standard lifting buckets have a volume of 600-3,000 litres, and are equipped with a standard or low lifting handle. Other sizes and models are made on an order basis according to customer requirements. Contact us – we will find the best suitable solution from our wide product range.




When use of a bottom-release lifting bucket is not possible, then choose the side release-lifting bucket Jasu-1000 SP (standard volume 1,000 l).


Sauma-Jasu (volume 975 l) is intended for after casting of hollow-core slabs and other seams.

Jasu – Lifting bucket with standard lifting handle

Jasu – Lifting bucket with low lifting handle

Side release Jasu-1000 SP

Jasu – Lifting buckets’ dimensions and weights


ModelDiameterStandard S (lifting bucket)Low s (lifting bucket)Filling heightMax. loadNet weight
Jasu 600135070024011501750280
Jasu 800143080025513002300300
Jasu 1000153085027514502800350
Jasu 1500167090030517004100400
Jasu 20002000100036019005350430
Jasu 30002260120041521307800450

Measurements are in millimetres. Maximum load and net weight in kilogrammes.

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