Glue Guns

Glue Guns


In the field of concrete element production, ties, sockets, allowances, lifting means, corner mouldings and the like can be attached to steel, plywood or other formwork by hot glue without damage to the mould surface. Form oil possibly present in the formwork has no effect on glue adhesion.


Semko Oy sells hot glue guns, intended for professional use, and specialised adhesives. Glue guns are available with manual or compressed air supply. Three grades of glue are available, with the adhesion time of 1, 3, or 6 minutes (longer adhesion time = stronger joint).


Gluing replaces the formwork surface damaged or stained by fastening techniques and dramatically extends the lifecycle of the formwork. In the same way holes in the element formwork can be treated without nails, which makes dismantling easier and significantly reduces board material losses.


In particular, gluing facilitates formwork assembly related to long or complicated channels on the element surface. Gluing is also much more flexible and user-friendly as compared to other procedures.


You can also ask us about glue gun maintenance.




Glue gun BeA 310 PLUS

Glue gun BeA 321 PLUS, compressed air

Glue gun BeA 351, spray


Hot melt glues


Hot melt glue 1 min., Weak

Hot melt glue 3 min., Medium

Hot melt glue 6 min., Strong

Hot melt glue, Epoxy

Hot melt glue is supplied in 10 kg packs.

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