OPK – Column Shoes

OPK – Column Shoes



OPK – Column shoes are used for extending concrete columns or fixing them with bolts to the column base. OPK column shoes are available in black (S355J2G3). OPK column shoes are compatible with SUJ and SELP foundation bolts.

OPK – Column shoes directions and descriptions of use

OPK – Column shoe materials

Rebar anchorsB500B/Bst 500 SSFS 1300
PlatesS355J2+NSFS-EN 10025+SFS-EN 10164
CasingS355J2+NSFS-EN 10025+SFS-EN 10164

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OPK – Column shoes’ dimensional drawing


OPK – Column shoes’ dimensions and weights


Column shoeABCEHTØG
OPK 1610980755064712252.6
OPK 2012195805076818305.0
OPK 241281108550116025359.9
OPK 3014013090501435304017.6
OPK 39185130115602230405448.9
OPK 45227.5130120602390506067.6
OPK 522801601306028106070104.0

A = column shoe outer dimension

B = height of column shoe casing (internal dimension)

C = length of column shoe casing (internal dimension)

E = distance of bolt hole centre from base plate edge

H = total height of column shoe

T = bolt hole diameter

Ø = bolt hole diameter

G = weight of column shoe

Sizes OPK16-30: three rebar anchors

Sizes OPK36-52: five rebar anchors

Measurements are in millimetres.

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