Steel Without Limits

Our Services

In our hands, steel bends superiorly to the correct shape and always on time. Our supply chain to the job site doesn’t break.


You draw it; we will make it happen. Our in-house know-how on customised solutions is so rich that we are able to actualise components based on a customer’s drawings. Our workshop for customised orders is operated by flexibility and agility. The workshop knows the demands and scheduling within the construction industry, and we can respond rapidly and adapt our workshop for both standard and custom-made orders.


Cooperation with us is easy. You can get the wheels turning by picking up the phone and calling Tanja or Mikko. We have a library of tools and resources for easier planning of concrete elements in the earlier stages.


The team in our workshop has been delivering service to customers for over 40 years. We always keep our promises, never backing down from a challenge. Semko’s workshop is located in Seinäjoki, Finland. Thanks to a solid logistics infrastructure, our products are easily transported within and from Finland.

Our Extensive Product Selection

With our standard products, it is easy to manage sites under annual supply agreements, as it is easier to fulfill the your required products, whether standard or customised.

The Fast Lane to Secure Fastening

Is your construction site at a standstill? During the finishing period of the planning stages, work is often already underway. We can provide the products you need with a short, flexible lead time with our Fast Lane Service.


Custom-Made for You

We will plan and create completely new products, combined with our standard products to deliver a complete solution made just for you.

A Solution to Meet Your Needs


We will provide a customised solution to meet your needs.

Standard Products


Our product and service selection provides a strong foundation for our customers to succeed in their construction projects.

For Designers


We supply CAD drawings in support with all of our metal products.



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